7th Pay Commission latest update: 4-day work week for central government offices? Here is what government said about its plans

New Delhi: 7th Pay Commission latest update –the government has no plan to introduce four days a week or 40 working hours a week system for central government offices, Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha.

“Presently, there is no such proposal to introduce four days a week or 40 hours a week for Central Government officials,” Gangwar informed Parliament.

“It is informed that the working days/ Holiday/ working hours in administrative offices of Central Government of India are recommended by the respective Central Pay Commissions.

“Based on the fourth pay commission recommendation, five days a week and eight and half hours working per day in civil administrative offices of Government of India was introduced,” he said.

The 7th Central pay Commission has recommended that the status quo may be maintained, the minister added.

It may be recalled that earlier in February, senior IAS officer and Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Apurva Chandra had told news agency IANS that the government is considering the objections raised by the trade unions to 12-hour daily work shift.

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Chandra had said. “See, there will be a maximum of 48 hours of work in a week. If someone works for 8 hours a day, then there will be 6 working days per week. If a company opts for 12-hour working per day for its employees, it means four-day working and three holidays”.

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