Aadar Jain wishes to part of a superhero universe – Times of India

Actor Aadar Jain wished to be a part of a superhero franchise. He says that as an artiste, he would love to enthral children with his films.

“I would love to be a part of a superhero project. Growing up, I was a huge fan of Batman and idolised him for what he stood for. The Batman Nolan franchise is my all-time favourite,” Aadar said.

Aadar said that he has always been a comic book fanboy.

He said: “I have marvelled at the superheroes all my life as they are true spectacles for audiences and I have this long-standing wish to be a part of a superhero universe.”

“I think I’m trying to manifest this dream to become a reality and I would be over the moon if this ever happens. As an actor, I like doing projects that appeal to kids and families and I hope that this dream of mine becomes a reality,” said Aadar.

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