Alert! Medicine delivery offers over phone calls could be scam

With India faced with a deadly second wave of Covid-19, scamsters are finding unique ways to cash in on the situation. In one incident, fraudsters are calling people, claiming to offer medicines. You may need to aware of the situation to prevent yourself from falling into the trap set amid the pandemic. 

Warning netizens, the State Bank of India (SBI) has a special message for everyone. The state-owned bank has urged its customers to verify and then make any payment in cases where you get random calls selling medicines. 

SBI pointed out that fraudsters have been trying to scam people by offering medicines amid these times of distress. The bank has also urged its customers to remain alert about such pesky phone calls and dodge the well-spun scam by not making any payment without confirmation.   

Taking to microblogging site Twitter, State Bank of India tweeted, “Stay Safe from Covid and Fraudsters! It has come to our notice that fraudsters are attempting to lure people by offering life saving and other medicines while asking them to transfer money in their bank account.” 

“We advise people to verify these claims and take informed decisions. Stay alert, stay safe,” SBI tweeted. “Please ensure to verify the authenticity of the beneficiary you are dealing with before making any payment,” State Bank of India stated.

Similarly, fraudsters are running a separate scam aimed at stealing your personal information, including your debit or credit card details. In this case, they are sending malicious links over WhatsApp offering a free subscription to over the top video streaming platforms. However, in reality, clicking on these links will give scamsters access to your smartphone. 

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