Chloé Zhao’s Oscar-nominated film ‘Nomadland’ set for 2nd April theatrical release in India – Times of India

Director Chloé Zhao’s highly acclaimed film ‘Nomadland’, which has been among the frontrunners at the Hollywood awards season, is set for a theatrical release in India.

According to the latest update, the film will hit theatres in India on 2nd April. ‘Nomadland’ will be one of the first big-ticket Hollywood films to release in the country as theatres still struggle to garner footfalls amidst the covid-19 pandemic threat.

The critically acclaimed film is among the frontrunners at the Oscars with 6 nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture. The film also won big at the recent BAFTA awards and the Golden Globe awards, nabbing the Best Picture and Best Director trophies.

Zhao is the first woman ever to land four Oscar picks in a year, and the first woman of colour nominated for the Academy’s best director statuette — barely two weeks after she earned a historic Golden Globe for the film.

“Thank you so much to my Academy peers for recognizing this film that is very close to my heart,” Zhao said in a statement.

‘Nomadland’ that stars Oscar winner Frances McDormand in the lead, is an intimate road movie about semi-retired Americans living off the grid in dilapidated vans.

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