Composer Shravan Rathod of the Nadeem-Shravan duo passes away – Times of India

Shravan Rathod of the music composer Nadeem-Shravan has passed away today. He was tested positive for COVID-19 and was reported to be in a critical condition. He was admitted to Raheja hospital in Mahim about four days ago.

Dr Kirti Bhushan of Raheja Hospital confirmed, “He passed away around 9.30 pm. We tried our best but he failed to pull out of it. The cause of death was COVID induced cardiomyopathy with pulmonary oedema and multiple-organ failure.”

Earlier, the singer’s son Sanjeev Rathod had stated that his father is critical as he also had other comorbidities along with the infection.

A few days back, Shravan’s close friend, lyricist Sameer shared with ETimes, “Shravan is diabetic and with this infection, his lungs have been totally infected. He has also developed heart issues, please pray to God almighty for his speedy recovery.”

Shravan ruled hearts with his top compositions in the 90s, in collaboration with his flamboyant partner Nadeem. The legendary musicians have belted out hits for films like ‘Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin’, ‘Saajan’, ‘Sadak’, ‘Deewana’ and ‘Pardes’ to name a few.

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