Exclusive! Sunidhi Chauhan finally clarifies it’s ‘all good now’ in her marriage – Times of India

Reports have continued to fly for nearly a year in various sections of the media that Sunidhi Chauhan‘s marriage is in trouble. While her husband Hitesh Sonik had dismissed the rumours in Bombay Times some time ago, Sunidhi had chosen to stick only to ‘No comments’. However, the whispers that there is trouble in Sunidhi’s paradise, which had stemmed after she and Hitesh returned from a trip to Goa, still did not die down in the industry’s inner circles. Not surprising because Sunidhi hadn’t voiced her marital status.

Well, the mystery stands finally solved only now and it’s coming exclusively to you on ETimes. A source close to Sunidhi and Hitesh has told us that there was an upheaval in their marital life and it is only recently that the two patched up. Not just that, Sunidhi also spoke to ETimes and said, “All good now. Hitesh and I are living together”.

Sunidhi had earlier married choreographer Bobby Khan when she was just 18 and the two parted ways after a year. Hitesh and Sunidhi, who married in 2012, welcomed their first child (son) on January 1, 2018.

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