Google Maps to the rescue, now helps you to find nearest COVID vaccine and testing centres

New Delhi: With the next phase of the vaccination drive kicking off from May 1, you can now easily find the nearest vaccination centres in any part of the country with the help of Google Maps. 

You can use your smartphone or laptop to find the nearest vaccination centre on Google Maps around you. On Google Maps, you’ll also get other information such as the phone numbers and operational timings of those centres. 

All you need to do is open Google Maps on your smartphone and search for ‘covid test near me.’ Besides finding the nearest Covid-19 vaccination centres, you can also locate the nearest Covid-19 testing centre by searching for keywords like “COVID 19 test” or “covid testing”. 

Google Maps user can get the location of the centres that are represented by landmark icons or in the form of a listicle on the app. Moreover, Android or iOS users can check with the centre directly via a phone call about the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Google has been trying to ramp up the vaccination drives across the country. Additionally, many law-keeping forces and firms using Google’s tools like docs, sheets and more to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

Google docs and sheets are also being used by many to find Covid-19 essentials such as oxygen cylinders, plasma, and Remdesivir, among others. Meanwhile, the tech giant is also offering millions of dollars of ad credit to health credits to speed up the fight against the coronavirus that has gripped India and the world like. 

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