NDTV News On Oxygen Supply Cited By Delhi High Court

During a case today on the escalating oxygen shortage in the capital’s Covid crisis, the judges and lawyers referred to NDTV’s report while describing the alarming situation.

One of the judges referred to a flash on NDTV about only six-seven hours of oxygen left in Ganga Ram hospital, one of the capital’s top hospitals.    

“One of my brother judges has sent it to me now on WhatsApp. The situation is very serious,” said Justice Rekha Palli.

“NDTV has also flashed about the alarming situation in Max hospital on oxygen,” a lawyer said.

“We don’t know what to do now. This is alarming,” said the High Court.

“We have come to know that oxygen in Ganga Ram and Max is about to over in next 8 hours. The need for the oxygen is now. Any delay in this regard will lead to loss of precious life,” the court added.

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