Priyanka Sarmacharjee proved through Feelpretty, ‘There is no force powerful than a woman determined to rise’

These lines are fit for the person who knows the value of rising by facing many problems. Talking about one such person is Priyanka Sarmacharjee who is trending nowadays for ‘Feelpretty’. The 24-year-old entrepreneur who stays in Bangalore has introduced her luxury makeup line with the brand name ‘P’ by ‘Feelpretty’.

‘Feelpretty’ is now trending in global markets because of its Made-in-India endorsement with the help of introducing their products on a global platform like “Flipkart” and “Amazon” as well. One can buy for all shapes, colours, genders & having a belief in the upliftment of natural beauty. Feelpretty’ also has luxury eyelashes (P-LASH) & luxury makeup brushes (P-BRUSH).

By following up the practice of believing in her inner power Priyanka has passed many hurdles in her life whether it’s the comments of some people of small-town, Priyanka always believed in herself and her inner voice to prove herself and to achieve the platform in which she is now. Priyanka got a lot of support from people be it from her hometown or other cities. Priyanka says we still have good people who are always ready to help us to grow, we just have to be a little wise.

Starting a career as a young makeup artist at the age of 24, Priyanka has become a successful makeup educator with certifying more than 100 students till date. Feelpretty gives a definite reason to introduce her as a Young Entrepreneur.

After launching the products of ‘Feelpretty’ on a global platform like Amazon & Flipkart, Priyanka has now decided to do the professional makeup workshops in upcoming dates as well. Her very recent workshop will be conducted in Assam on 10th April 2021 & also her next workshop will be held at Kolkata on 25th April 2021.

Interested young blood can collect the information from

The true value of being successful is to make yourself as strong as a rock than only the negative thoughts cannot stop you from achieving your desired goal in life.

Priyanka nowadays is training many young girls in India and helping them to fulfil their dream to become makeup artists.

Priyanka has many other business ideas to make them true shortly. Also, she says that a percentage of profit earned by ‘Feelpretty’ is needed to be used for education or career-making of poor girls who are away from the basic opportunities of nurturing their life and they can become something someday.

So, at last, we can say that “Success isn’t about how much money you make; It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

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