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NOIDA: A 44-year-old city that produces 600 tonnes of solid waste every day still has around 1.8 lakh tonnes of legacy waste awaiting treatment at the Sector 145 dumping ground.
The dump yard started work in 2018 when the erstwhile dumping spot in Sector 54 was shifted. A bio-remediation process of the legacy waste has started and Noida Authority claims to have converted 3 lakh tonnes of waste since then into manure. Besides dealing with the old garbage, Noida is now planning to open a methane plant with the support of Indian Oil at the spot.
“Of the garbage that is collected, 15% is non-biodegradable and sent to RDF plants to be used as fuel. Also, 75% of the waste is used for organic bioremediation. The rest of the garbage is segregated as unusable waste. Indian Oil has agreed to build a methane plant on the site at no cost. Work on the same is expected to start soon. They will manufacture compressed natural gas at the plant,” Subhash Mishra, Senior Project Engineer (Public Health) told TOI.
In absence of other alternatives, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had allowed the Authority to use the Mubarakpur site for a waste remediation plant in 2018.
Since 2018, bioremediation is used at the Sector 145 site for the conversion of garbage into manure, which is then used by the Authority’s horticulture department to fertilise its plantations.
Bioremediation is a multi-step process, which starts with disinfection of the garbage, followed by segregation into RDF, good earth, stones and rubble. The earthy party of the waste is used for bioremediation.
The waste-treatment process and the consolidation of garbage at one point have reduced garbage-related pollution issues in Noida, as claimed by the regional officer of Gautam Budh Nagar, Praveen Kumar.
“With bioremediation of the city’s waste, Noida does not have garbage burning and other issues now. However, it is important that the legacy waste that has accumulated in the city over 15-20 years is processed as soon as possible,” Kumar added.

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