Shravan Rathod’s demise: Sameer Anjaan clears the air about non-payment of hospital bill, says, “There was no financial issue” – Times of India

There were reports which suggested that the hospital was not releasing the remains of music composer Shravan Rathod due to delayed payment. This has upset the late singer’s family and friends. The reports were rubbished by Shravan’s family and the hospital as well.

Shravan’s close friend and lyricist Sameer Anjaan said, “It is was disturbing to read such stories which I totally baseless, I have spoken to Sanjeev, the elder son of Shravan who has told me that they were issues with the medical claim department and the papers going back and forth. Both Sanjeev and Shravan’s wife have also tested positive and are in isolation and the required papers for the claim was taking time.”

Sameer added, “There is no financial issue at all and Sanjeev told me had he and his mother been well, the payment clearance would have happened instantly.”

Incidentally not many know that Shravan and his wife had returned from Kumbh Mela which is considered to be a super spreader event of COVID-19.

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