The full story of Shravan Rathod’s demise: Wife and elder son cannot have his last glimpse – Times of India

Exactly at 8: 30 pm, music director Shravan Rathod of the Nadeem-Shravan duo passed away. The end came at Mumbai’s Raheja Hospital in Mahim. Shravan was on a ventilator for the past 48 hours, but the doctors failed to save him despite their best efforts.

Lyricist Sameer Anjaan was his best friend and has done 176 films with him. Sameer says, “God knows what lies in store, I have been reduced to half. I spent most of my mornings and evening with Shravan.” Sameer reveals that Shravan had a multiple organ failure. “There was septicemia in his full body as a consequence of COVID having made deep in roots into his system.”

ETimes has it that the tragedy is compounded by the fact that Shravan’s wife and elder son will not be able to have his last glimpse before he is cremated. The two have also been struck by COVID and are battling it out in Seven Hills Hospital, Andheri East.

Sameer concludes, “What can be more worst than this if your nearest and dearest ones cannot be anywhere near you, neither in your last hours nor when you have left the world of living?”

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