What Will Your Mask Say If It Could Talk? Mumbai Police Tells You

The tweet had a photo of stand-up comic Aakash Gupta.

As India fights the second wave of coronavirus, Mumbai Police is using Twitter to spread awareness with a healthy dose of humour.

In its latest tweet, it has urged people to wear masks every time they step out.

The post, which suggests that a mask tries to give you a reminder each time you leave it behind while going out, has a photo of stand-up comic Aakash Gupta.

“Your mask when you’re leaving it behind while going out for essentials: ‘Excuse me, brother…brother edhar (here).'”, reads the post.

Twitter users had a good laugh at the witty tweet and praised Mumbai Police with grim stories being reported from all over on spike in Covid infections, shortage of beds and medicines.

Praising the creative attempt, one user said, “Modern problems require modern messages.”

Another user wrote, “We require a happy and positive attitude when things around us are so bad!! And the humour and support of Mumbai Police is unmatched!! #Mumbai #Mumbaikar for life!! #Bombay.”

Calling the post “epic”, many users also tagged Aakash on the post. Take a look at some of the other reactions.

On Thursday, the Mumbai Police department also won hearts when it gently – and with a dollop of humour – assuaged a man who wanted to meet his girlfriend during the curfew.

The user asked, “What sticker should I use in order to go out and meet my girlfriend? I miss her.”

Replying to this, the department wrote, “We understand it’s essential for you sir but unfortunately it doesn’t fall under our essentials or emergency categories! Distance makes the heart grow fonder and currently, you healthier,” adding, ” We wish you a lifetime together. This is just a phase.”

With over 67,000 new Covid cases, Maharashtra, the worst-hit state in the country, recorded the highest number of cases in the last 24 hours. India’s Covid caseload surged to 1.62 crore with 3.32 lakh infections, biggest-ever daily surge in the world.

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